What can be treated with Reiki?

People have used Reiki to treat a number of ailments, from impotence to heart disease. Reiki does not replace traditional or conventional medicine, but of course, it can be used together with medical procedures and religious beliefs without conflict. The use of Reiki helps to reduce pain, speeds up the healing process and reduces medical expenses. Reiki can be used for chronic pain, injuries, infections, cancer, depression, aggression and other mental illnesses and from my point of view and experience everything can be treated with Reiki.

Is it safe to use Reiki?

Es una técnica poco invasiva y los practicantes usan un toque suave (en caso que paciente permita) en todas las posiciones de mano. Sin embargo la naturaleza espiritual del reiki involucra cierta intimidad. Es muy esencial encontrar un practicante con quien usted puede crear esta conexión. De este modo usted se sentirá seguro diciéndole a él o ella lo que le hace a usted sentirse inconfortable y él o ella serán respetuosos acerca de los límites que usted pone.

¿Where can I find a practitioner?

Reiki practitioners are initiated by other reiki practitioners and they go through a process called "passing attunements." Reiki cannot be taught as an ordinary knowledge. It is transmitted through meditation and the touch of a Reiki master to a student making him a channel that can heal, initiate and teach others. Then its use is explained with demonstration and information and can be utilized by almost anyone, including children and young persons.

You can contact us for a Reiki session or initiation or still better, "Let Reiki find you."

The principles of Reiki

·        Just for today I will give thanks for many blessings.

·        Just for today I will not worry.

·        Just for today I will not be angry.

·        Just for today I will do my work honestly.

·        Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.


What es Reiki?

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