Brain waves

Our brain produces certain electromagnetic patterns called brain waves. These patterns are detected using sophisticated electronic equipment called an EEG (electro-encephalo-gram). The EEG has revealed that each type of brainwave produces a specific psychosomatic state.

Delta waves occur during sleep (dreamless sleep) and deep meditations. Their frequencies ranges from 0.5 to 4 Hz These frequencies can help to lower the effect of cortisol (a hormone associated with stress and premature aging), increase melatonin (keep young and reduces depression), remove addictions (alcohol, drugs, smoking etc.). The delta wave acts as radar-seeking information-helping us understand things at a deeper unconscious level, which we cannot understand with the thought process. It also provides intuition, divine knowledge, self-awareness, personal growth and heals traumas.

Theta waves occur during deep meditative state. Their frequencies range from 4 to 8 Hz. These frequencies help increase creativity and planning, access the subconscious mind, increase sexual potency, physical and emotional healing, inner wisdom, faith, some psychic abilities, the purpose of life, inner wisdom and inspiration. The Theta can also help increase concentration.

Alpha waves occur when we are relaxed and not thinking about anything in particular. Their frequencies range from 8 to 14 Hz. These frequencies are connected to positive thinking, stress reduction, inspiration, motivation, prostate problems, a bridge between the conscious and subconscious, and these waves have been more effective working on the extroverted persons than the introverted ones.

Beta waves are associated with normal consciousness, while our attention is directed towards our surroundings. They are present when we are alert and focused in active conversation or writing. Their frequencies range from 13 a 27-30 Hz. The presence of these frequencies helps evaluate different forms of data received by the senses. They are present with fear, anger, worry, hunger and surprise. A large part of our institutionalized education is dominated by beta waves, characterized by logical, analytical, intellectual thought and verbal communication etc.

Gamma waves stimulate the brain's limbic region, i.e. the part responsible for our emotions. There is not much information available on the Gamma wave; nevertheless, it is helpful while in a fearful situation. There is a lot of disagreement about where Beta waves end and Gamma starts. But their frequencies can be considered from 30 to 60 Hz. They are connected with high mental activity, perception and consciousness. The mind stops producing Gamma waves when a person is under general anesthesia.

If the brain is connected to an external stimulus (such as binaural waves), It is possible to change the frequency range the individual has been using until the present, therefore, the mental state of an individual can be also be changed. For example, if a person's brain is in Beta state (frequency 13 a 27-30 Hz) and a stimulus of 10 Hz is applied, after a short time (which varies from one person to another) the individual will enter Alpha state (brain waves running from 8 a 14 Hz).The effect will be a pleasant relaxation, a state of tranquility and a great mental clarity.

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The Brain waves

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