What are subliminal messages?

The term "Subliminal" comes from the Latin of "Sub" meaning under and "Limen" meaning threshold. In its simplest form it translates as "under threshold". It not only includes images or hidden symbols, subliminal perception is everything, which is captured by the subconscious, bypassing the conscious. In other words a subliminal message is a signal or message which is designed to pass under (sub) the normal limits of perception, it can be visual or auditory and it is not perceived by the eye or ear but only by the subconscious.

The subconscious is a part of consciousness that helps to classify and record all information received by the conscious mind through the five senses, also if necessary, this information can be recalled or withdrawn. This information may reach our mind in a conscious or subliminal form. For example, when you're reading these lines, your eyes can also see what is out of this computer, you can hear the other environmental sounds, but you might not be paying attention or are not conscious of it.

The subconscious works as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind. Imagine a submarine which can go into the depths of the sea and it can also reach the surface. For example, when a person is trying to remember something and says "It is in my mind but I cannot recall it." In these moments he is using his subconscious mind. The subconscious works day and night continuously. You cannot control it, but you can transmit any plan, desire or purpose in order to be processed or transformed correctly.

The Binaural tones

The Binaural effect was discovered by German researcher HW Dove in 1839. The binaural consonance occurs when two sounds of different frequencies reach us, one in each ear. When such sounds are heard with stereo headphones, our brain integrates them and produces a third sound in our mind. Frequency, cycles per second (cps), Hertz or Hz are all synonyms. For example, if in the right ear we hear a sound of 500 Hz and in the left we hear a 520 Hz; our brain has produced a mental tone of 20 Hz (520-500 = 20).

What are subliminal messages?
The Brain waves

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