Why in the THIPP indirect induction treatments and methods do not serve?

First, indirect methods have the goal of "reprogramming the patient" in its own desired way of SUPER EGO (what you learned from society, religion, culture, education and parents etc.), Which usually means a pathological regression to the state previous to the Symptoms, which has produced the symptoms, or in the desired manner by the therapist who in this case applies its own ideas and experiences to the patient, also commonly making the symptoms disappear and returning to its earlier function.

Both the ways are illogical, resulting again in the state that caused the symptoms and also creating the great danger of transferring the symptoms. Additionally, they do not respect the individual and spiritual being of the patient who has to find the solutions by himself and integrate the parts of his self and the energies that were previously hidden behind the symptoms.

This integration is the goal of THIPP; therefore the patient has to be conscious during the whole session.

When a patient arrives, there are two beings in one. One who produces the symptoms and the other one who wants to get rid of them. We do not do any therapy against symptoms (because it can cause Symptoms Transference). Rather, we are the counselor/ lawyer of the part that causes the symptoms. Not trying to answer why, but what for or what he is trying to express through his symptoms.

If a person has 30% of malignant energy, then he needs another 30% of his energy to maintain it below. Now 60% of his energy is in conflict and he lives only with 40% of his energy.

When any part of a person's personality or human being is not developed in a healthy or a comprehensive way, then the body expresses it through an illness. It is a healthy expression for the body but logically it is pathology. When the patient himself finds out whatever is hidden behind the disease (because dis-ease is a mask), the path of salvation and integration is very easy to achieve.

The only ones who can heal them are themselves.

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