If a person has only a few colors in his energy field, that usually means he / she not using its full potential. Likewise, too many colors can be a sign of a great disturbance and pressure.

We can easily understand ourselves through a color photograph of aura. This understanding can cause a profound and instant reaction in the different levels of our inner personality. It can also remove blockages and make the congested energy to flow freely and the colors in the aura get vibrant and spotless with more positivism.

The correlation between drawing and organ

Each organ resonates and emits a vibrational pulse (electromagnetic wave) which is part of our energy field. The Biopulsar-Reflexograph is based on the latest computer technology combined with the scientific basis of the reflex-zone and meridian teachings. The hand sensor is a refined receiver for biomedical signals, which are taken from the reflex zones of the hand's palm. The absorption of the signals is done by putting the hand on a set of gold plated sensor pegs furnished on an electronic circuit board. The sensors have an outstanding conducting capacity through the gold plating.

The data received from each organ are shown on the screen and allows you to see color quality and thoughtful description of each reflexive zone measured by Biopulsar. The color gives you greater and deeper understanding of the energy condition of each specific body part. Below there is an aura photograph which shows the correlation of human body parts. It gives scientific and objective interpretations for 50 organs, the full body electromagnetic field and seven major energy centers. Accessing the "real-time" energetic information in a few different formats allows the practitioner to instantly analyze the patient on a holistic level-not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

The fusion of traditional treatments with modern technology
What is Aura?
The Chakras
Colors and percentages of the chakras
The correlation between drawing and organ

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