The aura is a reflection of our own electromagnetic field, a projection of the vibratory values emitted by our body including brain waves and thoughts, so aura is a part of our personality. The aura shows our thoughts and emotions of a conscious and unconscious level, also the energies of our physical and psychological condition.

For example, you experience a negative situation where you cannot breathe because of fear or anxiety, then each time you live a similar situation, your cells react automatically and subconsciously you hold your breath. Imagine the effect of fear and anxiety after several years on your body. Now holding this energy in your body may eventually affect an organ and it will not work with its complete potential.

If subconsciously we have stagnated energy in specific body parts (due to our lack of understanding of the dynamics of the human body), then the energy emitted by our body can not resonate at full power or natural frequency level and this energy vibrates at a lower level.

This connection between the mind and the human body can be seen through the different colors in our field of energy and vitality of our bodies. This science is called "Bioenergy of colors."

When there is an emotional, mental or physical problem, then there is an imbalance in our body. We need to rearrange the atoms and electrons that are in disharmony in the cells of our body. Working with a positive life force, we can manifest any transformation we want and this way we can balance our organs, aura and chakras.

The colors in the "color spectrum," explain the attributes and various qualities of a person. Each color has its intelligence and the colors show whether we are using our mental, physical, emotional or spiritual energy in the present.

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