The Chakras


The chakras are located in the aura. This word is derived from Sanskrit and means "wheel of energy." The chakras are subtle energy and energy becomes "invisible" which is located in the different auric dimensions.

Through our body we have main energy centers. These centers are connected to the main governing bodies of other human body parts. Each center is known as chakra. The chakra is a wheel, like a vortex, which rotates in a circle, creating a vacuum in the center, which absorbs anything that is in its particular level of vibration. We get energy from the colors and the different levels of vibration through the chakras and the energy is used in different parts of the body.

Every organ, gland and the human body system are related to a chakra and each is connected to a frequency of color. For example, the heart chakra (Anhatha) works with the thymus, lungs and bronchi and its color is green.

There are seven main chakras and they are aligned along the spine. In case of imbalance (at any level, which is perceived by our chakra) will affect the various body parts, that are related to its corresponding chakra. To achieve balance in the affected parts of the body or chakra, we need to work with the color that corresponds (through Reiki, color therapy and other methods).

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